How much do I need?
The volume of material required is calculated using the area (Length x Width) multiplied by the depth required.
For example if you have an area to fill of 3m by 5m and to a depth of 1.5m the calculation is as follows;

3m(L) x 5m(W) = 15 square metres (15m2)
15m2 x 1.5m(D) = 22.5 cubic metres (22.5m3)

Most sand and quarried materials will compact by approximately 25% adding this to the equation we get the following:

22.5m3 + 25% = 28m3

so to fill a hole 3mx5m to a depth of 1.5m I would require 28m3 of material.
Where do you get the products from?
Calautti Sands collects products from all quarries throughout Perth. We are not affiliated directly with any quarry or supplier, which allows us the flexibility to be able to source and supply such a wide range of products.
Do you deliver white sands?
Yes, we can deliver white washed sand which is used in childrens playgrounds and brushed over finished paving or we have a white brickies sand used for brickwork.
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