Sand Supplies

Sand Supplies

If you’re looking for top quality building sand in Perth that can’t be beaten on price and fast delivery, Calautti Sands has you covered with a huge range of different sands suitable for building and construction in one convenient location.

We have been providing Perth commercial and residential builders with superior sand and soil for over 40 years, and our customers continue to come back to us for 3 main reasons – our superior products, our competitive prices, and our fast next day delivery on most of our sands around the Perth metropolitan area.

Our extensive range of sands includes Brickies Sand, Plasterers Sand, Fill Sand, Paving Sand, Screened Fill, White Washed Sand, and White Brickies Sand. All of our sands are screened to the highest quality, which ensures you have the right resources to deliver a superior finished project every time.

If you are in need of small or large volumes of any of our sands contact our professional and helpful team today and we will guarantee next day delivery in the Perth metropolitan area. It’s a promise that has kept us at the forefront of sand supply in Perth over the years and one that we intend to keep for our new and loyal customers.

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